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Sunday, February 24th 2008

6:16 PM

News Article

I have been invited to write an article for mypembrokeshire.com.  The article will be followed by the entire content of the Captain's Memoirs, by location, or in some cases, by incident.  I'll post again when the article is submitted for publication. I do hope you will all check it out.


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Thursday, December 27th 2007

7:46 AM

Welcome to the newest addition to my website!

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  I have posted this one line of Captain Roberts' Family Tree in hopes that those of you who have further information can add to it.  I hope it will be the main topic of conversation, tho' all topics relating to his exploits are MOST welcome, as well as any other piratically activity, (Those that occured within the Golden Age of Piracy.) 
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